Homemade Melon Popsicle Recipe

In hot summer days, it’s been always a great idea to have a popsicle which is a frozen fruit pureed snack on a stick. It is one of the most loved fun summer recipe for the kids. It’s made of pureed fruits mixed with honey, sugar, chocolate, coffee, yoghurt, milk, cream etc. It’s quite simpleRead More

Roasted Capia Red Pepper Sauce Recipe

Eating roasted capia red pepper sauce on a regular base is important for our health. Because red peppers in general are great resources of many vital vitamins and minerals and known to fight many diseases like cancer. It is also known to speed the metabolism and thus a great weapon for weight-loss. Capia Pepper SauceRead More

Turkish Cigarette Borek Rolls With Potato

The Cigarette Borek is one of those authentic pastry rolling method that belongs to Turkish cuisine. The inner filling may change according to the preference. Generally served as starter, but frequently preferred in breakfast dishes as seen in Mediterranean cuisine in general. Potato cigarette borek is the type of Turkish sigara borek with potato filling.Read More

How to Sprout Mung Beans?

With their unique taste, vitamin and mineral compounds and low calorie, mung bean sprouts are the most consumed sprouts in the world. Here is a article about the health benefits of mung beans sprouts. Sprouting mung beans is really easy. You can produce your own mung bean sprouts at home with the help of aRead More

Health Benefits of Mung Beans

Mung beans are small and green beans from legume family which have important health benefits. It can be consumed both fresh and dry. It has some sweet flavor and is suitable to use in many dishes such as salads, soups and meals. It is easy to fun to grow your own food at home. GrowingRead More