Turkish Compote Recipe: How to Make Dried Apricot Compote

Compote is one of those food with different interpretations in western and eastern cultures. Compote is a dessert in western world whereas it is a fruit juice in eastern cultures. Indeed if its made with dried fruits, this fruit juice gets a different name; i.e. hosaf. The english language does not have this word correspondingRead More

How to Make Tea: Turkish Tea Brewing

Tea is one of the oldest hot drinks known. This beverage is consumed all over the world throughout the day. Some cultures have developed their own tea brewing and serving cultures. Turkey is one of them. There are many ways of making Turkish tea in terms of steps of tea brewing and the material usedRead More

Lemonade Recipe: Making One Glass Lemonade

Lemonade is a worldwide beverage which is made by mixing lemon juice, sugar and water. Drinking a glass of cold refreshing lemonade is a great way of cooling in hot summer days. The ratio of lemon to water and the amount of sugar is very important in making a good lemonade. It is possible toRead More

Turkish Coffee: Make Foamy Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a traditional Turkish drink with a special taste, smell, foam and the way of serving. Turkish coffee indeed is not only the name of the authentic Turkish drink but also is the name of a cooking style. Here are a few key tips for making foamy Turkish coffee: The best ratio ofRead More

Sahlep Recipe: Make Turkish Sahlep at Home

Sahlep is a great hot milky drink consumed in Turkey in cold winter days to warm up. Its main ingredient is sahlep powder, which is made of from the roots of orchid plant. If you are looking for preparing a new drink recipe then sahlep recipe is just for you… How to Make Sahlep SahlepRead More