Spicy Hazelnut Butter Recipe

Spicy hazelnut butter is a famous breakfast food in cities near Eastern Blacksea coast of Turkey where hazelnut farming is an important economic activity. This snack is prepared by blending raw hazelnuts and adding flavor with various spices. Spicy hazelnut butter is a famous breakfast snack in this region. This authentic recipe is very delicious,Read More

Anchovy Recipe: How to Make Anchovy Bird?

“Anchovy Bird” is an authentic Turkish snack recipe which belongs to the Northeast Blacksea Coast of Turkey. There are two different types of anchovy bird recipe. One is with the a real bird shape; the other one is with a meatball shape. In this recipe, we are going to make famous anchovy bird with meatballRead More

Pea Shoots Recipe: How to Cook Pea Shoots

Pea shoots are edible top leaves and vines of pea plant. They are very nutritious and rich in minerals and vitamins. Pea shoots can be consumed both raw (in salads) and cooked. In Turkey the variety of pea seeds that are used in pea shoots are different from that of ordinary pea plant. It isRead More

Simit Recipe: How to Make Simit at Home?

As a traditional street food in Turkey, simit is very similar to bagels. You can find simit-sellers everywhere on the streets. It is usually consumed during breakfast and during tea time. Simit bread rings are also popular as a cheap and delicious street taste throughout Middle East and Balkans. You too can bake simit atRead More