Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Being one of the oldest fermented drinks of history of humanity, apple cider vinegar has been used both for source of health and flavor. Essentially, apple cider vinegar is an acidic liquid which is formed as a result of fermentation of natural sugar. It’s an all-purpose miraculous magic potion that can be used in manyRead More

Pickled Cabbage Recipe: How to Pickle White Cabbage?

Pickled cabbage which is a strong source of probiotics, has positive impact on intestine health and immune system with its fiber rich nature. White cabbage is a very strong antioxidant in terms of vitamin B and calcium, the regular consumption of which empowers the immune system. Its pulp prevents the constipation and helps to getRead More

Quince Jam Recipe: How to Make Quince Jam

Quince is the healty and delicious fruit of autumn. Whenever it appears in supermarkets, it also appears in breakfast tables. Quince is full of health benefits with its sour taste. It is recommended to consume cooked for especially for lung, throat, intestine, stomach, heart and mouth related health issues. Today we are going to teachRead More

Black Olive Recipe: How to Make Black Olives

Olives play a major role in the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Fermented black olives are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. They are the king of Turkish breakfast. The olives which are harvested from long-lasting trees, are green when ripe. They become black during the harvest time in late fall. Olives in all formsRead More

Pickled Purple Cabbage Recipe

Pickled purple cabbage is a great home-made probiotic food to strengthen our immune system in winter. It is cheap and easy. Pickled purple cabbage helps to strengthen the intestinal flora with the useful bacterias produced in it through fermentation. Pickled purple cabbage is a very healthy and diet-friendly recipe because it contains very little calorie.Read More

Make Dried Beans: How to Dry Green Beans?

Green beans are one of the most preferred summer vegetables for their health benefits and taste. There is one way of consuming this valuable vegetable in winter just like in summer; it is by drying it. In this article, you will learn how to dry green beans by using two different methods. Thus, you tooRead More

How to Pickle Green Olives

Olives are ancient fruits that are used for their both oil and fruits. Countries surrounding Mediterranean are all gifted with this holy fruit. This is why there are a number of regional styles, techiques and ingredients and seasoning while curing olives in Mediterranean food culture. Olives are good resources for beneficial fats that we need.Read More

Jam Recipe: How to Make Plum Jam

Plum is one of the most healthy food we consume in summer months. By making plum jam, you can transfer the taste of plum to the following seasons and enjoy its beautiful color and taste in your breakfast dishes. You can save this plum jam in your pantry throughout year. Plum Jam Recipe If youRead More