How to Make Tea: Turkish Tea Brewing

Tea is one of the oldest hot drinks known. This beverage is consumed all over the world throughout the day. Some cultures have developed their own tea brewing and serving cultures. Turkey is one of them.

There are many ways of making Turkish tea in terms of steps of tea brewing and the material used for making tea pot. Extensively, teapot has generally two parts. The upper part, tea pot is the small pot for brewing the tea. The kettle is the lower and bigger part which is for preserving the hot water readily available whenever needed. Along with metal and porcelain teapots, the electrical teapots have become widely accepted with the development of the technology.

How to Brew Tea

There are a number of important tips for making good quality tea. Here are the ingredients and steps for brewing tea in a Turkish way:

how to make tea


  • 25 grams of black tea (for 10 glass of tea)
  • Water 1,5 liters
  • Porcelain teapot and ketle

Tea Making Steps

1- Use soft water. You can make good quality tea from only good quality water.

2- Use good quality tea. The storage conditions of tea is as important as its quality.

3- Use porcelain tea pot. You can get the flavor of the tea completely.

4- Place the empty small tea pot over the kettle while the water in the kettle is on the boil.

5- Turn off the heat when the water in the kettle boils. Let it rest for around one minute in order to reach to the ideal brewing temperature.

6 – After one minute, pour the hot water into the porcelain tea pot and add the black tea on it. Add 1/2 teaspoon of black tea; i.e. 2 grams, for each cup or glass of tea.

7- After brewing the tea, put the teapot over the kettle and let it brew for 15-20 minutes.

8- You can close the mouth of the spout of the teapot with a napkin so that the beautiful flavor of the tea will not fly out.

9- During the brewing process, the black tea slowly sinks to the bottom while diffusing its flavor though water.

10- At the end of the time, open the lid of the porcelain teapot and check to see if the black tea is already at the bottom. Your tea is ready to serve. You can serve in a porcelain cup or in a glass just like the Turks do…Enjoy your tea..

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