Turkish Cigarette Borek Rolls With Potato

The Cigarette Borek is one of those authentic pastry rolling method that belongs to Turkish cuisine. The inner filling may change according to the preference. Generally served as starter, but frequently preferred in breakfast dishes as seen in Mediterranean cuisine in general.

Potato cigarette borek is the type of Turkish sigara borek with potato filling. It is really easy to make Turkish borek rolls. Here are the ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make sigara borek rolls at home.

Turkish Sigara Borek Rolls Recipe

Turkish Cigarette Borek with Potato Filling


Filo pastry (4 sheets) , 500 gr boiled potatoes, bunch of chopped parsley, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon chilly flakes, 1 teaspoon cummin, 1 bowl water (for glue)


1- We start our sigara borek by preparing inner filling. Wash, boil and uncover the potatoes.

2- Then mash the potatoes with the help of potato masher until smooth.

3- After that, add the parsley, egg, salt, chili flakes and cummin powder into the mashed potatoes.

4-Mix all the filling ingredients until homogenius. Our potato filling is ready. Set aside.

5-Now let’s prepare our phillo pastry pieces. In rolling cigarette borek, we use triangle shaped-filo pastry. We get triangle shaped sheets by dividing the round filo pastry into 12 equal parts.

6- Place the triangle shaped sheets on the table the long side facing us.

7- Put 1spoon of filling on filo pastry sheet’s long side and distribue the filling evenly. You can put more or less filling based on your taste.

8- The advantage of potato filling in making cigarette borek is that you do not have to curve the both sides because potato filling sticks to the filo sheets. It gives us the opportunity to make really thin rolls. But if you wish, you can curve the sides and roll this way.

9-After distributing 1 spoon full of filling to the long side of the triangle filo sheet, start rolling over slowly and firmly. Roll over until 2-3 cm space left to the end. Then put the end corner into the water to serve as a glue to close the sigara borek.

10- Roll all your filo pastry sheets the same way.

11-Fry both sides in pan until gold brown.

12-Then place paper towel in a serving dish and take the fried sigara pastries on the napkin for getting rid of extra oil.

13- Serve your potato sigara borek rolls when hot.

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