Whiting Fish Recipe: How to Cook Pan Fried Whiting Fish

Whiting fish is a good source of white meat protein which is good for muscle growth and repair. With the essential omega-3 fatty acid content, it has positive impact on heart and brain function.

Moreover it is low in calories and fat, making whiting fish a favorable choice for those watching their weight or following a healthy eating plan. Read more about the health benefits of white fish here.

How to Pan Fry Whiting Fish

Today’s recipe is about cooking whiting fish in Turkish Blacksea style. It is so delicious and preferred by nothern coast of Blacksea region of Turkey for centries. Here are the ingredients and step-by-step instructions for cooking pan fried whiting fish.


  • 1 kg whiting fish
  • 1 cup of corn flour
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable oil
  • Salt

How to Fry Whiting Fish

whiting fish recipe

1-First of all, cut off the heads of the whiting fish. In oder to do this, take the whiting fish in your left hand. Squeze just below its head with your right thump and index finger and remove the head with a curving movement. Then remove the guts by scraping with your index finger.

2- After this step, put all the fish into a big bowl which is full of clean water.

3- Then scratch off the blood from the stomach with your thump one by one.

4- When this step is done, transfer all the fish to another big bowl of water.

5- Wash thoroughly and transfer to another bowl full of water.

6- Repeat this step until no more dirty water comes out.

7- When all the blood goes away, transfer the fish into a colander.

8- Add salt, mix and set aside.

9- Beat two eggs and set aside.

10- Add half of the vegetable oil into the frying pan.

11- Then coat the whiting fish one by one with corn flour and place them on the frying pan next to each other.

12- Apply this corn flour coating and placement on the pan to all fish until all the pan covers with the whiting fish.

13- Fry over medium heat. While frying, make sure you turn the pan frequently to get homogenous distribution of heat.

14- When the bottom side becomes golden brown, close the lid and turn upside down.

15- Add some vegetable oil and fry the other side exactly the same way.

16- Add the beaten eggs by pouring the beaten eggs to the outer sides of the pan.

17- When the bottom side becomes golden brown, close the lid and turn upside down again.

18- Transfer the pan fried whiting fish directly to the serving plate from the lid.

19- Enjoy when it is hot.

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