Yoghurt Soup: Make Easy Yoghurt Soup

Yoghurt soup is an example of healthy, easy and delicious soups belong to Turkish cuisine. The rice used during cooking makes it starchy and a kind of silky texture which makes it appeal to the eye. Whereas its taste flavored with the butter and milk sauce doubles the taste you enjoy from the soup. HowRead More

Potato Roll Pastry: Make Filo Potato Rolls

Potato roll pastry is one of those great tasting filo rolls which is great for saving in the freezer. With its freezer-friendly nature, you can bake it right away in preheated oven without having to wait for it to melt. How to Make Filo Potato Roll Pastry It is realy very practical to make filoRead More

Raisin Cookie Recipe: Make Raisin Cookies

Raisin cookies are one of best snacks during tea-time. This baking recipe is the raisin cookie that is sold in pastry shops in Turkey. It is also one of the most used cookie recipe througout the country during snack hours. How to Make Raisin Cookies in Turkish Style? Making raisin cookies is really very simpleRead More

Turkish Crunchy Borek: Make Cheese Filo Pastry

This recipe is about making traditional “kuru borek” which is a famous tray bake filo pastry. It is famous with its crunchy texture and amazing taste. It is possible to use any filling of your choice; such as ground beef, spinach, potatoes, leeks, etc.. As a matter of fact, this is true for all pastryRead More

Kete Recipe: Turkish Butter Bread Pastry

Kete is traditional Turkish bread pastry. It is popular in Turkey and Azerbaijan. There are a number of different kete recipes in different parts of the country. They usually take their names from the city they belong to. How to Make Kete Pastry at Home? This butter bread pastry belongs to the city of Erzurum,Read More

Kalburabasti Recipe: Syrup Soaked Dessert

Kalburabasti dessert takes its name from its method of preparation. Because this dessert is pressed onto the sieve during the shaping stage. It is an easy to make and great tasting traditional Turkish syrup-soaked dessert inherited by the Ottoman Empire. How to Make Kalburabasti Dessert? Kalbur means the sieve and basti means pressed; thus kalburabastiRead More

Sekerpare Recipe: Semolina Cookies in Syrup

Sekerpare is a one of the most popular desserts in Turkey which is mainly prepared by baking some soft semolina cookies dipped in sugar syrup. It is different from other desserts in the sense that you pour the hot syrup over hot cookies unlike most of the other popular desserts. How to Make Sekerpare DessertRead More

Potato Cake: Potato Cake with Ground Beef

Potato cakes are great for both lunch and dinner time. This potato cake recipe with ground beef is rich enough to become a main menu. You will enjoy this recipe because its is both easy and delicious. The kids also enjoy to eat such a cake. Potato Cake with Ground Beef Recipe Here are theRead More

Simit Recipe: How to Make Simit at Home?

As a traditional street food in Turkey, simit is very similar to bagels. You can find simit-sellers everywhere on the streets. It is usually consumed during breakfast and during tea time. Simit bread rings are also popular as a cheap and delicious street taste throughout Middle East and Balkans. You too can bake simit atRead More

Turkish Flatbread: How to Make Ramadan Bread

Ramadan Pide is a traditional Turkish pastry which is mass-produced in bakeries all around the country during the month of Ramadan. It is possible to make Ramadan pide at home. Here is the ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make delicious and crispy Turkish flatbread called the Ramadan Pide at home: Ingredients: 1 glassRead More