Pumpkin Dessert Recipe: How to Cook Turkish Pumpkin Dessert

In this post, you will learn all necessary steps to make super delicious and easy pumpkin dessert at home. With the arrive of fall, different kinds of pumkins with different colours have started to get their place in our pantry. Pumpkins are great for storing throughout fall and winter with their hard shell and thickRead More

Ancient Ashura Recipe: How to Make Noah’s Ark Pudding

Ashura is a very special dessert in islamic world which is made to deliver people during the first month of islamic calendar; i.e. Muharrem. In islamic belief, ashura is the symbol of abundance, sharing, love, respect, thanksgiving, unity and solidarity. Rumour has it that Nouh had made ashura with the last ingredients which remained unusedRead More

Tiramisu Recipe: How to Make Easy Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a world-famous light, delicious and easy coffee dessert from Italian cuisine. Its main ingredients are sponge fingers, coffee, cacao powder and a special light cream made from mascarpone cheese. In this dessert, it is possible to replace the sponge fingers with many other ingredients such as cakes, biscuits and even cookies. The coffeeRead More

Kalburabasti Recipe: Syrup Soaked Dessert

Kalburabasti dessert takes its name from its method of preparation. Because this dessert is pressed onto the sieve during the shaping stage. It is an easy to make and great tasting traditional Turkish syrup-soaked dessert inherited by the Ottoman Empire. How to Make Kalburabasti Dessert? Kalbur means the sieve and basti means pressed; thus kalburabastiRead More

Sekerpare Recipe: Semolina Cookies in Syrup

Sekerpare is a one of the most popular desserts in Turkey which is mainly prepared by baking some soft semolina cookies dipped in sugar syrup. It is different from other desserts in the sense that you pour the hot syrup over hot cookies unlike most of the other popular desserts. How to Make Sekerpare DessertRead More