Cig Kofte Recipe: Turkish Raw Meatless Bulgur Ball

Cig Kofte (as çiğ köfte in Turkish) which mean raw meat meatballs is one of the most popular appetizer in Turkey for being super satistying, extremely tasty and healthy. It is believed that çiğ köfte appeared in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago with a legendary story. According to a rumor, cigkofte is found as aRead More

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Being one of the oldest fermented drinks of history of humanity, apple cider vinegar has been used both for source of health and flavor. Essentially, apple cider vinegar is an acidic liquid which is formed as a result of fermentation of natural sugar. It’s an all-purpose miraculous magic potion that can be used in manyRead More

Hummus Recipe: How to Make Hummus At Home

Hummus, the main ingredients of which are chickpeas and tahini, appears most in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. This famous side dish is loved and consumed by a large geographic area for being delicious, healthy and nutritious. You can learn more about the health benefits of hummus here. There are several ways for making healthyRead More

Pumpkin Dessert Recipe: How to Cook Turkish Pumpkin Dessert

In this post, you will learn all necessary steps to make super delicious and easy pumpkin dessert at home. With the arrive of fall, different kinds of pumkins with different colours have started to get their place in our pantry. Pumpkins are great for storing throughout fall and winter with their hard shell and thickRead More

Whiting Fish Recipe: How to Cook Pan Fried Whiting Fish

Whiting fish is a good source of white meat protein which is good for muscle growth and repair. With the essential omega-3 fatty acid content, it has positive impact on heart and brain function. Moreover it is low in calories and fat, making whiting fish a favorable choice for those watching their weight or following a healthy eatingRead More

Spinach Recipe: Turkish Spinach Borek with Cheese

Today’s recipe is about a Turkish vegetarian borek filled with spinach and cheese. In Turkey this borek is called “the rose borek” basically for its rose like shape. Although it’s nativeland is Central Asia, borek is an important pastry in traditional Turkish cuisine. It spreaded to Ottoman geography in time and attained an important placeRead More

Pickled Cabbage Recipe: How to Pickle White Cabbage?

Pickled cabbage which is a strong source of probiotics, has positive impact on intestine health and immune system with its fiber rich nature. White cabbage is a very strong antioxidant in terms of vitamin B and calcium, the regular consumption of which empowers the immune system. Its pulp prevents the constipation and helps to getRead More

Molokhia Recipe: How to Cook Molokhia

Molokhia plant which is consumed commonly in North Africa and Middle eastern cuisines, belongs to the okra family. It can be cooked fresh or dried. During the harvest, the taste and texture of molokhia is very similar to spinach. When dried both the taste and smell of the molokhia is superb! Molokhia is also anRead More

Easy Cauliflower Recipe: How to Make Cauliflower Meatballs

Cauliflowers have almost every vitamins and minerals we need. Since fibrous, it is helpful in weight-loss. The antioxidants inside this winter vegetable, provide protection against cancer cells. At the same time, the choline substance promotes learning process and memory. Regular consumption of cauliflower empowers the bone health, prevents the eye diseases and helps to lowerRead More

Ancient Ashura Recipe: How to Make Noah’s Ark Pudding

Ashura is a very special dessert in islamic world which is made to deliver people during the first month of islamic calendar; i.e. Muharrem. In islamic belief, ashura is the symbol of abundance, sharing, love, respect, thanksgiving, unity and solidarity. Rumour has it that Nouh had made ashura with the last ingredients which remained unusedRead More