Cookie Recipe: Easy Turkish Sesame Cookies

Cookies are perfect tea time snacks for many people around the world. This sweet pastry appears in different shapes and ingredients in different geographies. These tasty snacks add color, taste and joy to our tea times with their different ingredients such as nuts, wallnuts, dry fruits, chocolate chips, jams, cinnamon, and much more. Today’s recipeRead More

Pea Shoots Recipe: How to Cook Pea Shoots

Pea shoots are edible top leaves and vines of pea plant. They are very nutritious and rich in minerals and vitamins. Pea shoots can be consumed both raw (in salads) and cooked. In Turkey the variety of pea seeds that are used in pea shoots are different from that of ordinary pea plant. It isRead More

Black Olive Recipe: How to Make Black Olives

Olives play a major role in the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Fermented black olives are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. They are the king of Turkish breakfast. The olives which are harvested from long-lasting trees, are green when ripe. They become black during the harvest time in late fall. Olives in all formsRead More

Fried Horse Mackerel Recipe

Horse mackerel is a blue fish that can be widely found in seas and oceans around the world. It is available at all seasons. With their tasty flavor, horse mackerel have been a cheap and common white meat protein resource. How to Cook Horse Mackerel? This post is about cooking horse mackerel in Blacksea andRead More