Black Olive Recipe: How to Make Black Olives

Olives play a major role in the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Fermented black olives are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. They are the king of Turkish breakfast.

The olives which are harvested from long-lasting trees, are green when ripe. They become black during the harvest time in late fall. Olives in all forms are rich in vitamins and minerals and a poweful antioxidant besides an important resource of energy

Just like green olives, black olives are also very bitter when fresh. It is essential to fermentate to make it tasty. In this recipe you can learn how to make black olives by fermenting with salt. You can produce a big jar of black olives for your pantry by following some easy steps. Here are the ingredients and step-by-step instructions for making black olives at home.

How to Make Black Olives


  • 3 kilograms of black olives
  • 360 grams of rock salt
  • Suitable jars or plastic bottle for fermentation

Step-By-Step Instructions for Making Black Olives

Black Olive Recipe

1- Although salt has cleaning agent abilities, the olives are exposed to agrichemicals. This is why it is better to wash and dry the black olives before fermentation.

2- Another important tip about fermenting black olives is including only healthy and tight black olives. Otherwise unhealthy and soft ones might diffuse in healthy and tight ones and cause them to get rotten.

3- Transfer 3 kilograms of washed and dried firm black olives into a suitable jar. You can use 5 liter plastic bottle as well.

4- Add 1 tablespoon of rock salt between the layers when they reach 3-5 cm height. This way the rock salt can penetrate everywhere inside the jar or plastic bottle.

5- When all the black olives are transferred into the container, add all the remainig rock salt on the top.

6- Close the lid and give a good shake.

7- Every 2 days repeat shaking for one month.

8- In time, the salt will melt and season the olives.

9- The black olives will be ready to eat after one month.

10- You take out in a serving plate and wash thoroughly.

11- Season as you like with lemon, thyme, chili flakes, dry mint and olive oil.

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