How to Sprout Mung Beans?

With their unique taste, vitamin and mineral compounds and low calorie, mung bean sprouts are the most consumed sprouts in the world. Here is a article about the health benefits of mung beans sprouts.

Sprouting mung beans is really easy. You can produce your own mung bean sprouts at home with the help of a few easily found materials. It’s really fun to grow your food at home.

Sprouting Mung Beans at Home

Here are the ingredients and step-by-step instructions for sprouting mung beans at home.


1 cup of mung beans, 1 liter water, 1 bowl, well drilled flowerpot with 30 cm diameter, basin with 35 cm diameter, light-proof piece of cloth, 5-6 pieces of onion sacks.


1- Transfer the mung beans into a big bowl and pour the water on them.

2- Wait for 24 hours. (During this time the mung beans soak the water and start to uncover, even germinate.

3- After 24 hours, drain the mung beans with a strainer and wash thoroughly.

4- Put the bowl in the middle of the washbasin upside down.

5- Place the pot on the bowl.

6- Now, place the washed onion sacks on the bottom of the pot. By increasing the height of the place of germination, we make sure the mung beans are not exposed to water and do not rotten.

7- After placing all the sacks, we put pieces of paper towel on the surface which will be the bed for mung beans.

8- Now it is time to replace the mung beans on the paper towels.

9- We pour a little water to start the germination.

10- Now we cover the pot with light-proof cloth and put it to a relatively dark corner in our house.

11- We water mung beans in every 3 hours. The watering will be little in the first day. The following days the watering needs of the mung beans will increase with the growing of the roots of the mung beans.

12- Out mung bean sprouts will be ready at the end of the third day. You can consume mung mean sprouts in your meals, salads, soups and stir-fried dishes. Enjoy 🙂

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