Turkish Compote Recipe: How to Make Dried Apricot Compote

Compote is one of those food with different interpretations in western and eastern cultures. Compote is a dessert in western world whereas it is a fruit juice in eastern cultures. Indeed if its made with dried fruits, this fruit juice gets a different name; i.e. hosaf. The english language does not have this word corresponding “nice water” in Persian. Instead we can use “dried fruit compote” to address “hosaf” which is basicly a drink mostly near pilaf to ease the digestion.

Dried Apricot and Raisin Compote Recipe

In this recipe, we will show you how to make a compote with dried apricots and raisins in traditional Turkish style. The dried apricot compote has traditionally been cooked with Turkish pilaf as a side dish.

The traditional dried apricot compote does not include raisins; it only has apricots. In this recipe, we added to get some more flavor and benefits of raisins as well. You can skip it as you wish. Here are the ingredients and step-by-step instructions for making dried apricot compote.


1/2 cups of dried apricots

1/4 cups of raisins

2 cups of granulated sugar

1.5 liters of water

Dried Apricot Compote Recipe

Dried Apricot Compote Recipe

1- First of all, transfer 1/2 cup of dried apricots into a bowl and pour water on them. Then set aside to soften.

2- Then just the same way, put the raisins in another bowl, add water on them to cover. Set aside to soften.

3- You are now ready to wash the dried apricots one by one to get rid of possible dirt and dust. Transfer the cleaned apricots in another bowl.

4- Now it’s time to wash the raisins. You can wash the raisins by rougly massaging to get rid of possible dirt and dust attached on them. Add the cleaned raisins to the cleaned apricots.

5- Add water again to the cleaned dried fruits to wash one more time.

6- Now it’s time to cook. Transfer the washed dried apricots and raisins in a pot.

7- Add 2 cups of granulated sugar and then pour 1.5 liters of water on them.

8- Turn on the heater and bring to a boil.

9- Then cook over low heat for around 15 minutes.

10- Transfer the cooked dried apricot compote into a large bowl to cool.

11- Your dried apricot compote is ready to serve once cooled. Enjoy 🙂

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